All of us try our best to look good and enhance our daily look. For some of us, looking good is a daunting task and it feels like a one big task but for most women dressing up comes naturally to them. A lot of women have taste for the finest and quality accessories. In fact, most of us share an inseparable relationship with fashion accessories.

What makes a woman crave for Good Accessories?

Simply the desire to look stylish and up to date drives women to put on accessories. A regular and boring outfit can be converted into dramatic and exceptional one, if matched with the right accessories. A bold pair of earrings can be matched with a simple top and pair of jeans or a contemporary neck piece can change the outlook of a plain dress. The choices of accessories reflect a woman’s personality and are like a mirror to her very many moods.

Fashion trends constantly keep changing and hence a simple way to match them is to spend on some good accessories rather than changing ones wardrobe each season. Accessories women cannot resist!

The Brooch is Back

Brooches are not just for lapels anymore, it’s back and it's making a place for itself everywhere. Brooches can for sure be an eye-catching add-on if worn the right way and is a must have to compliment any outfit. They can complete any sort of look. How could a little Brooch be handier than wearing it just the right way to glam up your simple dress or top? We can carry it in different ways, we can wear it around the collar, put it on the neckline right in the middle of any dress to give a complete look and with deep V backs, pinned to the waist of a dress or a gown or scattered over all styles of jackets, wear it on the right or left side, or as you may please to wear! During the past few years brooches turning up on the runway and red carpets.  It's not just the old-fashioned cameo, either. There are kilt pins, spot pins, brooch sets and many other varieties. They're showing up on so many women. Now we can see them on men too. Men are adding brooches to their look, starting minimal with a flag pin or tie tac or going bold with rough metals or distressed surfaces in masculine geometrics. So what are you girls waiting for just grab it and try it on one of your outfits as brooches are back in the fashion scene.


And wouldn't it be nice to have a collection of authentic and classy accessories? Well here’s the answer. That's what you get in Eluceo Fashion Store. Our new brooch collection is worth spending on as each piece has been carefully and tastefully designed just to suit your needs. Women can now choose from spectrum of colorful enamels, iridescent feathers, fabric covered or beaded cascades. So pin your hopes on seeing brooches of all kinds in our store. Then create your own style by wearing them the way you want and with the flexibility to be used anywhere and everywhere. At Eluceo Fashion we have it all! Happy Shopping!!

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